We Advocate Greatness

Our Mission:
To lead an educational community based on equity, advocacy, and academics. We support marginalized students on their journey to break limiting beliefs, learn to navigate systemic oppression, and build their life goals.

Our Vision:
We envision a community in which every student thrives regardless of race or zip code. To achieve this vision, we are building a movement for equitable education that will influence the way educational systems across our region serve marginalized students.

We Know...
American society and traditional education systems are full of inequities based on differences in race, wealth, ethnicity, gender identity, ability, sexual
orientation, religion and body type.
These inequities create systemic barriers that have impacted our students and their families for generations.
These barriers limit our students’ ability to succeed academically and achieve their personal goals.

We Believe…
All students can learn in an environment that meets them where they are and celebrates their unique skills, backgrounds, and gifts.
Students who face barriers possess strengths such as perseverance, problem solving, and determination that help them advocate for themselves and others in their community.
All students deserve a caring community of support and quality education that adapts to their learning styles and exposes them to career and life opportunities.

We Lead...
Unique programs that deliver our Life Prep model, based on three core pillars:
EQUITY: Diverse and inclusive community for students and families to partner in their education journey
ADVOCACY: Strengths-based relationships between students and Advocates that empower students to use their own voice to advocate for themselves
ACADEMIC: Relevant and responsive programming that prepares students for graduation and their desired post-secondary path.