Does Open School provide transportation?

Open School does not provide our own transportation, but we work with Partner Districts to provide either TriMet passes or direct drop-off/pick up via District school buses. Contact Katy Roy-Johnson at or call to see if you can get transportation assistance through your Home District.

My student is behind in their credits to graduate. Can Open School help me?

Yes! Open School uses a hexter system so that students get a report card every six weeks and earn .25 credits for every class they pass. This means that a student can earn up to 8 credits in an academic year. We have credit earning opportunities through credit recovery, work […]

How does Open School address student behavior?

We believe that all students deserve to learn in school. When a student breaks a school agreement or creates harm, instead of removing them from school, we work with them to repair the harm. This can look like ____ or  . What are some examples? I want to add a […]

Is Open School East a private school?

Not exactly. Open School East is a nonprofit alternative school that partners with 6 public school districts: Centennial David Douglas Gresham-Barlow Parkrose Portland Reynolds We work with districts to serve students who would thrive in a small, relationship-based school. This means we can provide the Open School experience at no […]