Celebrating our growing community!

More than 350 families, community partners, staff, students, and supporters helped us celebrate our growing community in East County yesterday! We enjoyed sharing more about our four core programs, all based on advocacy, equity, and rigorous academics, eating good food and ice cream, playing basketball, getting henna tattoos, and making […]

Our new campus in East County is open!

These two powerful leaders and high achievers started a new academic school year today, in a brand new building, surrounded by people who see greatness in them. Let’s go!

Step Up staff completes summer training!

Our Step Up staff completes an intensive training session every summer. These amazing human beings are expert advocates, mentors, tutors, family partners, and teacher partners wrapped into one for kids at Roosevelt, McDaniel and Franklin. And they get results no one else can. Last year, 100% of Step Up seniors graduated on […]

We can see the finish line at Open School East

On August 22, 2016, our brilliant Open School East students and families will walk into the kind of school they deserve for the first time in their lives. They will also get what they need to graduate and get ahead. rigorous academics, teachers who believe in them, and a whole lot of […]

We received the highest non-profit rating. Again!

Charity Navigator awarded us their highest possible rating again this year! This distinction, which only a quarter of rated non-profits achieve, means that Open School executes its mission in a financially efficient way and outperforms most other non-profits in our area of work. Our students aren’t the only ones we hold to […]