Open School North graduates are brilliant

Principal Michael Navarro reminded his students to “Hold high standards. Respect one another. And if you’re ever unsure, turn to your Open School family, who will forever see the greatness in you.” Let’s hear it for the Class of 2020 at Open School North!

Our kids advance 4 grade-levels in one year

The Class of 2020 at Open School East is amazing. All 44 students earned a certificate of promotion from 8th grade and nearly a third of them advanced 4 or more grade-levels in math and reading last year alone. We are so proud of our Open School kids, advocates, and families!

Thank you for our most successful fundraiser ever!

Thank you to all of our amazing teachers, families, staff, supporters, board members, volunteers and partners who helped us raise $269,500 at our annual trivia contest and fundraiser! You help us give our kids an education that fits: rigorous academics, teachers who believe in them, and a whole lot of […]

Bibi McGill sees greatness in our kids

At Open School, we surround our kids with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers. That’s why we hosted Bibi McGill, the lead guitarist and musical director of Beyoncé‘s all-female backing band, the Suga Mamas, at Open School North. As an artist in residence, McGill helped make our middle […]

Jeff Merkley sees greatness in our students

While visiting Franklin High School to talk about making college more affordable, U.S. Senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden heard how Step Uphelps middle school students transition to high school. They were impressed by one of our amazing students, who told them “the consistency of my advocate was exactly what I […]