Students need to be registered in one of our six Partner Districts. 

If a student is living with a parent/guardian in one the Partner Districts, you can register using these forms:

  • Centennial
  • David Douglas
  • Gresham-Barlow
  • Parkrose
  • Portland
  • Reynolds

Not sure what school district you live in? Use this tool to find out. 

If a student is homeless (living with a friend, with a non-immediate family member, or living on their own under age 18), they can register with McKinney Vento. Contact Breen McDonald at b.mcdonald@opennw.org for support registering.

WHY?  Partnering with School Districts allows us to serve students without any cost to the family. Our Partner Districts help identify students that could thrive at Open School.


The Partner District where your student is registered is your “Home District”. You will need to contact the Reconnections or Student Services Department at their Home District to start the endorsement process. 

  • Centennial
  • David Douglas
  • Gresham-Barlow
  • Parkrose
  • Portland
  • Reynolds

The Reconnections Coordinator will work with your family to determine if your student is a good candidate for Open School. If they decide it is, they will send a written “endorsement” to Open School.

Open School will let families know if they received an endorsement from their home district. The timeline for receiving endorsements can vary and Open School cannot start the enrollment process if we don’t receive it. 

WHY? School Districts need to determine whether a student would be served best in one of their schools, or in an alternative school. They will consider a student’s behavior, grades, IEP/ 504, or any needs Open School might be able to help with. 


Fill out an application 

Once we notify you of the endorsement, we will send you an application to fill out.

Don’t worry about getting transcripts. Open School will reach out to the Partner District to receive a transcript, behavior file, and any other special documents like an IEP or 504. 

Attend an Enrollment Info Session

We will invite both the student and family to attend a virtual info session with us. You will meet a few staff members, learn about Open School, and tell us a little about yourself. 

WHY? All students deserve to be supported academically, socially, and emotionally. 

We get to know students and their families so we can find spaces where they can thrive, identify a graduation plan, and place them with an Advocate that will support you through it. If we see that a student could be better served by a different school, we want them to have that opportunity. 

We also want you to get to know us and ask the questions that are important to you FAQ. That way you can determine if Open School is the best place for your student. 


If we both decide that Open School is the right fit, WELCOME to OPEN SCHOOL!

Your student can start at the beginning of the next term. Open School operates on a six-week hexter system, so before the term starts we will:

  • Assign your student an Advocate (a mentor who will support them throughout the year)
  • Schedule your student for the classes they need to graduate
  • Provide school materials, including a Chromebook for virtual learning
  • Sign your student up for any clubs or affinity groups they are interested in
  • Connect your student and your family with any support you may need including counseling, food boxes, or other resources.

WHY?  We want to set your student up for success. It’s not easy to start a new school, especially if you have been disconnected for a while. We will support you through the transition!