Open School East is a high school program that helps students in grades 9-12 get on-track to graduate and transition into post-secondary pathways. We partner with six school districts in East Multnomah County to find students who need something different than a traditional school environment. We surround those students with inclusive classrooms, relationship-based advocacy and academics tailored to them. There are only 25 spots open per grade level, ranging from 9th-12 grade. We are enrolling on a continuous basis and for school year 2022-2023. There is no cost for students or families to attend Open School East.


Students need to be registered in one of our six partner districts. Our partner districts are:

  • Centennial
  • David Douglas
  • Gresham-Barlow
  • Parkrose
  • Portland
  • Reynolds

Not sure what school district you live in? Use this tool to find out. 

If a student is homeless (living with a friend, with a non-immediate family member, or living on their own under age 18), they can register with the support of the Homeless Education Program.


Get in touch with a representative from your school or district to start the endorsement process. The representative will work with your family to determine if your student is a good candidate for Open School East. If your student is endorsed, OSE will receive notice from the district.


Once we receive an endorsement from your district, we will set up an interview with your student and their caretaker. If we think it is a good fit, you will be given an application to complete. From there, we will give students a start date!


We determine when your student will begin school based on where we are in the school year. Before your student starts at Open School East, we will:

  • Assign your student an Advocate (a mentor who will support them throughout the year)
  • Schedule your student for the classes they need to graduate
  • Provide school materials
  • Connect your student and your family with any support you may need including social-emotional support, food boxes, or other resources.