• Is Open School East a private school?

    Not exactly. Open School East is a nonprofit alternative school that partners with 6 public school districts:

    • Centennial
    • David Douglas
    • Gresham-Barlow
    • Parkrose
    • Portland
    • Reynolds

    We work with districts to serve students who would thrive in a small, relationship-based school. This means we can provide the Open School experience at no cost to families, but we can only enroll students that come to us through those District partners.

  • Is Open School accredited?

    Open School Inc, is accredited by AdvancED (formerly the Northwest Accreditation Commission) and registered with the Oregon Department of Education as a private alternative education program.

  • How much does it cost to go to Open School?

    Open School East is free for families. Our District Partners pay us a portion of what it costs to serve students . We cover the rest through private donations from individuals and local organizations.


  • What is Open School East doing during the Covid crisis?

    Open School East adapted our relationship-based model to be fully online since March 2020. Similar to our in-person model, students have an assigned Advocate (or mentor) who checks in with them daily. To adapt to Distance Learning, Open School provides:

    • Chromebooks for students and internet and resource support for their families
    • Consistent communication from Advocates
    • Opportunities for synchronous and asynchronous learning
    • Meal distribution and delivery
    • Credit recovery
    • Live study halls and one-on-one tutoring
    • Mental health counseling
    • Resource support for families affected by Covid-19
    • Virtual clubs and Affinity Groups
  • I see the word “Advocate” all over your website. What is an Advocate?

    Every teacher or administrator at Open School East is also what we call an “Advocate”. Each student has an Advocate who will stay with them through their high school journey. They are a student’s go-to person/mentor at the school. Advocates get to know students and their families, help them identify goals, and keep them engaged throughout the year.

    An “Advocate Group” is a peer group of 8-9 students led by the Advocate. Students meet with their Advocate Group daily to check in about their well-being or to do fun activities to stay connected. It’s more than just a “home room”, it’s like an extended school family that students can rely on throughout the year.

For Students


  • I am homeless. Can I still attend Open School?

    If you are under 18 and living with a friend, a non-immediate family member, or on your own, you can attend Open School through McKinney Vento . Contact your school district to start the process.

  • I identify as LGBTQ+. What can I expect coming to Open School East? Will I feel safe?

    Open School East is a safe space for all students. We affirm identities and the journey for you to discover your identity. Open School East does not tolerate homophobia or transphobia and will let you be your authentic self. We have an LGBTQ+ Affinity Group and can connect with an awesome group called SMYRC that is next door to Open School East if you are interested.

  • If I go to Open School East, can I still play sports or participate in extracurriculars at my Home District? What extracurricular activities does Open School have?

    It is possible to play sports or attend clubs at your Home District. We can also add clubs if enough students are interested. Currently we offer:

    • Intramural Mens’ and Womens’ Basketball team
    • Student Government*
    • Chess Club*
    • Affinity Groups (Latinx, Womxn of Color, LGBTQ+)*

    *These activities are available during virtual school.

  • I’ve had bad experiences in school. What are agreements that are important to our school?

    We get it. Sometimes school can be a hard place to be . At Open School, we will do our best to make you feel safe and welcome. We don’t tolerate bullying and instead choose to affirm each other through positive praise.


  • My family speaks Spanish at home. How can you support me?

    Open School will send your family communications in Spanish. We have several bilingual staff members, including our Principal, who can communicate with you and your family in Spanish. We also offer an Advanced Spanish class for students who speak Spanish at home.