Open School East


Open School East is a high school program that helps students in grades 9-12 get on-track to graduation and transition into post-secondary pathways. We partner with six school districts in East Multnomah County (Centennial, David Douglas, Gresham Barlow, Parkrose, Reynolds, and Portland Public) to find students who need something different than a traditional school environment. We surround those students with inclusive classrooms, relationship-based advocacy and academics tailored to them.

Nawwal Moustafa, Principal

Open School East
16570 SE Oak Street
Portland, OR 97233 google map
Phone: (503) 488-5200
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At Open School we prepare students to reach their academic and personal goals. We are committed to developing meaningful student and family relationships that keep everyone engaged, learning, and connected.


We are committed to a school culture that allows every student to show up as their authentic selves

  • Teachers, staff, and administration who are as diverse as our students
  • Affinity and support groups that facilitate healing and resilience


Every teacher at Open School believes in your child and sees all students as capable learners. With this belief in mind, we provide:

  • Intensive remediation so that all students have the basics
  • Acceleration and credit recovery that support students throughout the journey to graduation
  • Culturally sustaining curriculum and practices in classrooms
  • A focus on equity and self-advocacy so that classrooms make students feel seen and heard
  • Opportunity exposure by access to career and learning trips


  • Daily mentoring groups led by Teacher/Advocates
  • Mental health supports and counseling
  • Direct social-emotional learning support and skill building
  • Trauma-informed care, including trauma-informed school scheduling that responds to the deep impacts of the pandemic.


We believe our families are experts on what's best for their child. Therefore we:

  • Provide consistent and caring communication between teachers and parents
  • Maintain a strength-based approach to students and families
  • Establish school and family partnerships to support student success

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